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Glacier Wilderness with Glacier Bay - Safari Quest

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Search for Alaska's hidden gems and discover its pristine wilderness aboard a vessel designed to take you where very few have traveled!

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Alaska: Drink It In

Embark on a journey through Alaska's breathtaking landscapes with the Safari Quest, a uniquely agile yacht carrying just 22 guests. Its small size allows it to navigate nooks even our other vessels can't reach, offering exclusive access to remote wilderness areas. Experience Alaska's hidden gems, rich Native cultures, and diverse wildlife like never before on this unforgettable adventure.

Starting in Juneau, explore Icy Strait with its giant bullwhip kelp and playful sea lions. Delve deep into Glacier Bay National Park, reaching areas few ever see. Navigate Admiralty Island, known for its dense population of brown bears and bald eagles. Witness the awe-inspiring humpback whales in Frederick Sound and venture into Windham Bay and Stephens Passage for thrilling kayak and hiking excursions. Conclude your journey with a spectacular visit to Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier, where harbor seals lounge on icebergs and calving glaciers create dramatic splashes.
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Travel Curator’s Insights:

    • Due to the ship’s size and agility, you’ll explore parts of Glacier Bay National Park that 99% of visitors never see!
    • Glide through remote bays, encountering giant bullwhip kelp, playful sea lions, and diverse marine life, guided by expert naturalists.
    • Seasoned operator with over 20 years' experience in Alaska.


$1,000 off Per Person on Select Dates! (Exclusive to Wild Nectar)

From $6,100 per person
Policies and protocols provided before you book.

July 12, 19; August 9, 16, 2024
Ask us for 2025 dates!

May - August;
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Trip Sustainability Awards 



Fantastic advances in minimizing carbon footprints at locations.



On the East African Energy Renewal Board



Runs local educational facilities for children.


Day 1: Juneau Embarkation

Hello Juneau! First settled in the gold rush days, Juneau welcomes you with both small-town charm and towering glaciers. Toast to the riches of Alaska as you sail west toward Icy Strait. (Dinner)

Day 2: Icy Strait

Kick start the morning with on-deck yoga stretches and a strong cup of coffee. Energized and snug in your kayak, glide around in remote bays off Icy Strait through giant bullwhip kelp that can grow to over 100 feet long. Join the gang in a skiff to a rocky outcropping to watch sea lions play. Or step into mud boots for a forest hike with your top-notch, naturalist guides who have plenty to share about everything Alaska—marine biology, plants, and even geology. On board, soak it all in as you soak in the hot tub. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3: Glacier Bay National Park Outback

This national park covers 3.3 million acres (that’s a tad smaller than the state of Connecticut). Let that sink in. Most visitors see the same sliver of the park as everyone else. Not you. You’re going the furthest and exploring parts that 99% of visitors never go to. Hike the outwash field of glaciers winding down the Fairweather Mountain Range. The cool breeze off the nearby snow and icefields is energizing. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 4: Admiralty Island National Monument

At Admiralty Island National Monument kayak, skiff, and weave in and out of the bays and islets keeping your eyes out for Alaska brown bears and nesting bald eagles. Tlingit call the island Kootznoowoo, meaning “Fortress of the Bear”, and Admiralty Island has a higher density of bald eagles than all the other states combined. After another big day, pop up to the bridge to look over charts with your captain and mates. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5: Frederick Sound

You'll enjoy humpback whales and pods who feed here seasonally on krill, zooplankton, and herring. Watch for whales feasting in these abundant glacial waters. Hang out and enjoy the show. Based on wind and weather, your expedition team has the lineup of adventures all mapped out. Cruise past Five Fingers Lighthouse, Alaska’s oldest light station, and The Brothers Islands, where sea lions nap on rocky nobs. Somewhere nearby, carrot-billed black oystercatchers are saying hello. Tonight, toast another big day in Alaska. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6: Windham Bay & Stephens Passage

Humpback and orca are frequent visitors of this Southeast passage. A misty spout is a sure sign they’re in the neighborhood. Your captain navigates Windham Bay and Stephens Passage. And you’re in for a boot-sucking, paddle-smacking day of adventure with your guide team. The routes are all picked out. Make your choice and make your move. Slip off the kayak launch and take it slow spotting sea stars and shore birds. Hard chargers take a long wild paddle to the salt chuck at the back of the inlet. Or hike into the Tongass. It’s a landscape of hanging waterfalls and shades of green. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 7: Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier

Skiffing up Endicott Arm, harbor seals laze around on icebergs. If the tides are right, slip into Fords Terror, the steep walls of this narrow opening streaked with waterfalls. Back in the Arm, gasp at the deep glacier-carved valleys. It’s at the end where you meet the pièce de resistance: Dawes Glacier. Blue ice marches down from the Coast Mountains. With a sharp crack, the white thunder of a calving slice makes a mega-splash. Tonight, celebrate with a festive Farewell Dinner and “photo journal” from your expedition team. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8: Juneau Disembarkation

Mmmm, fresh baked pastries over one last breakfast. Your crew and new friends wish heartfelt goodbyes. This morning, transfer to the Juneau airport or begin your hotel stay or land tour. (Breakfast)




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Cabins C1 - C6; Queen / Twin beds, elevated window provides natural light but not a view. Your cabin comes complete with TV/DVD player; heated tile floor in bathroom; hairdryer; binoculars, and reusable water bottles.

From in USD:


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Cabin B1; Single Twin bed (pullman upper bunk for charter only), view window. Your cabin comes complete with TV/DVD player; heated tile floor in bathroom; hairdryer, bathrobes, conditioning shampoo, body wash; binoculars, and reusable water bottles.

From in USD:


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Cabin B2; Queen bed. Your cabin comes complete with TV/DVD player; heated tile floor in bathroom; hairdryer, bathrobes, conditioning shampoo, body wash; binoculars, and reusable water bottles.

From in USD:


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Cabins A1-4; King / Queen / Twin beds. Your cabin comes complete with TV/DVD player; heated tile floor in bathroom; hairdryer, bathrobes, conditioning shampoo, body wash; binoculars, and reusable water bottles.

From in USD:


“This small, older, yet comfortable expedition vessel offers an opportunity to get as close as possible to humpback whales, orcas, and bears hunting along the shoreline. This operator has been in the region for decades and has fantastic permits for Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage. Focused on the experience rather than luxury, this ship offers an exciting Alaska getaway at an excellent value.”

Joy Martinello, Founder



What’s Included & Cancellation Policy:

Group transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark day, entry fees to national parks/preserves,
From-the-vessel adventure activities and equipment, exclusive activities and shore visits, all meals aboard the vessel, premium wine, beer and liquor (excludes super-premium wines), non-alcoholic beverages, wellness amenities, onboard expedition/heritage guides and guest experts, refer to your final guest documents for any additional inclusions specific to your itinerary and vessel.

Airfare to and from your home city, discretionary gratuities to the vessel's crew, travel protection, optional excursions and land tours, port taxes/fees.

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