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Planning Travel Now for 2023

Travel got off to an enthusiastic yet somewhat aggravating start in 2022 with crowded European streets, canceled flights, and the unfortunate occasional case of Covid-19. Still, with patience and determination, a lot of us got out there and experienced some of the greatest adventures of our lives. And, WOW, are we ever glad to be out in the world again! Travel is an extraordinary privilege and in 2022, we’re taking advantage of that privilege in droves.

Still, for many, it’s time to take a pause before plunging ahead into 2023. A lot of us are approaching our 2023 travel calendars differently than we did when Covid-19 restrictions first lifted. We want different things from our future trips and we know that in order to get exactly what we want, we have to plan early.

Enter the “Whole-Year-Out” traveler. As someone who has offered bucket list destinations like Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands throughout my 17-year career, I’m no stranger to travelers planning a year or more in advance to secure the right ship or operator. Yet what I’ve never seen before is families, couples, solo travelers all planning both custom land trips and small group land journeys more than a year in advance. This is travel planning for the long game.

Why is this happening? Why are people planning so far in advance? I have some theories. First, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and planning far ahead when you can lock in your trip elements and secure 2022 rates just makes good sense. Rates may very well go up as we get closer to 2023, so if you want to get the best rates, lock them in now.

My second theory is having a trip or several trips locked in for various points throughout the coming year is comforting in times of uncertainty. No one knows what the world will look like after the US midterm elections, after the war in Ukraine comes to an end, or after the Inflation Reduction Act is passed. The world could move in one of several directions, so why not know for certain that in July of 2023 you’re going to be climbing the steps at Machu Picchu? Having 3 or even 4 trips planned for different times of the year will mean you can be sure you’re going to have, at the very least, some fun and happiness next year.

My third theory has to do with the kind of people who are just now retiring. The generation currently retiring either because they have reached that age or because they were encouraged to retire early due to the pandemic, have had a bit of time to review their bucket list and they know exactly what they want. They know their travel style. They know their destinations, and they know how far they want their funds to go to include the adventures, ships, and hotels they’re visualizing. They also know they have to book as early as possible for 2023 to get exactly what they want.

It makes no difference whether you are one of those recently retired travelers or if you’re wanting to make sure you plan a memorable trip for your young family, or if you’re planning a girls’ getaway for next February–you need to plan your 2023 travel now. You might think your trip isn’t the kind people are planning early yet the truth is the early birds are taking all the worms. Early planners are gathering up the available resources so you need to plan your 2023 trip now too.

And this is where we at Wild Nectar come in. We can help you plan the trip of your dreams with exactly the right ship or hotels to fit your travel style for a trip next month or a trip in August 2023. We hope you’ll contact us soon so we can make sure every little thing is planned just the way you would like it for your upcoming adventures.

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