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"The world citizen is a small leaf on the giant tree of life."

- Suzy Kazeem

These destinations focus on the historical, culinary, and cultural touchpoints of humankind.

All of these destinations are deeply connected to the human experience. Enjoy a home-cooked meal in another country, see historical sites that shaped history, or feel the rhythm of the drums as you watch an ancient dance.

Our Curator Picks:


Iconic Vietnam: Rice Terraces & Old Hanoi Charm



Experience Vietnam with your family or friends via this beautifully orchestrated, best of the best itinerary.

From $6,545 USD per person


Iconic Sri Lanka: Culture and Safari in Style



Our most sophisticated Sri Lankan offering, this rich itinerary fascinates by day while offering the most stylish hotels in the region by night.

From $13,470 per person


Immersive Sri Lanka: Mists, Spices, and Elephants



Delve into the rich lives and heritage of the warm Sri Lankan people. Hike, play, plus head out on safari during this exciting itinerary designed exclusively for inquisitive Wild Nectar travelers.

From $6,795 per person

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With Joy’s input and help, I have so many wonderful memories. She is without a doubt one of the most experienced and caring people in the travel industry.

Judy W.
Brooklyn Heights, NY

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