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Galapagos Seaman Journey Cruise B


If you love to be on the deck of a yacht and enjoy getting to know your shipmates, this yacht offers a fantastic program.

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Galapagos: Drink It In

Welcome Aboard the


Seaman Journey

During Galapagos cruises on the Seaman Journey, guests encounter many endemic species like Galapagos Giant Tortoises, Penguins, Land and Marine Iguanas, Frigate Birds, Blue Footed Boobies, and much more! Each guest will enjoy this well-appointed yacht. Galapagos Seaman Journey has a maximum capacity of 16 passengers allowing privacy and camaraderie at the same time. We have several resting areas for those who are looking for a quiet place to relax during their Galapagos trip with family and friends in the lazy mid-afternoon sun, or likewise after a busy day of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or walking on one of the Galapagos Islands.
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    • These fresh and attractive 16-passenger yachts are a great size if you like to get to know your fellow passengers or prefer a charter for your group.
    • A small ship size like this is wonderful if you like to ask your guide lots of questions.
    • This operator has very enthusiastic guides and crew for your wildlife explorations.

Travel Curator’s Insights:


Book 2 for 1 in April and Get Free Galapagos Air May to August!

From $5,863 per person
Policies and protocols provided before you book.

Departs Fridays
Year-Round Departures

Departs Fridays
Year-Round Departures


Trip Sustainability Awards 



Crafts distributed to guests are made locally and with sustainable materials



Ships are equipped with new technology to preserve the fragile reefs



Offers guests an option to participate in reforestation programs to offset their footprints


Day 1: Baltra, Embark then North Seymour 

Arrive to the Galapagos and transfer to your ship. Your first stop is to North Seymour Island. Be on the the lookout for frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies and sea lions. (This day includes Dinner.)

Day 2: Genovesa

Today, set out for Genovesa Island. This morning, explore El Barranco,where a walk on an island trail will hopefully put you into contact with Short-eared Owls and Red-footed and Masked Boobies. Visit Darwin Bay, full of amazing Galapagos bird species such as Yellow Warblers and the Galapagos Dove!

Day 3: South Plaza & Santa Fe

This morning, visit South Plaza Island, home to a variety of Galapagos iguanas. You'll also see amazing birds such as the Swallow-tailed Gull and Audobon's Shearwater. In the afternoon, travel to Santa Fe Island, full of endemic Galapagos wildlife such as the Galapagos Hawk and the Galapagos Mockingbird.

Day 3: South Plaza & Santa Fe

This morning, visit South Plaza Island, home to a variety of Galapagos iguanas. You'll also see amazing birds such as the Swallow-tailed Gull and Audobon's Shearwater. In the afternoon, travel to Santa Fe Island, full of endemic Galapagos wildlife such as the Galapagos Hawk and the Galapagos Mockingbird.

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Day 4: San Cristobal

Today, explore San Cristobal Island. Your first stop is to the Jacinto Gordillo Breeding Center, where you will be able to see and learn about the efforts being made to protect tortoises in the Galapagos. Then you will go to the island's Interpretation Center, where you will learn about the history and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

Day 5: San Cristobal

Today, continue to explore San Cristobal Island. A short visit to the Galapaguera that is a good place to observe Galapagos tortoises in its natural habitat. San Cristobal island has endemic species such as: the Mockingbird Nesomimus melanotis, lava lizard (Microlophus bivittatus), Chatham Leaf-toed Gecko (Phyllodactylus leei) and the tortoises. This afternoon visit Cerro Brujo and spend time on it's beautiful, white coral beach. This area is home to sea lions and marine birds such as the Nazca and Blue-footed Booby.

Day 6: Española

This morning, visit Gardner Bay. The beautiful sandy beach is the perfect place to relax and watch for sea lions and sharks. This afternoon, head over to Punta Suarez on the island of Española. Punta Suarez is home to a variety of Galapagos bird species, as well as a blowhole that shoots water over fifty feet in the air.

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Day 7: Floreana

Today, explore Floreana Island and visit Punta Cormorant (Cormorant Point), home to a variety of shorebirds such as the White-cheeked Pintail duck and the American Flamingo. This afternoon, visit Post Office Bay, where travelers can leave postcards and letters in the hopes that they get delivered via fellow travelers.

Day 8: Santa Cruz, Baltra, Disembark

This morning, travel to Santa Cruz Island and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. Here, you will observe the Galapagos tortoise and learn about the many conservation programs of the Galapagos Islands. This afternoon you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to the mainland in Ecuador. (This day includes Breakfast.)

Children: 15% discount for any child under the age of 12 at time of Galapagos cruise traveling with two adults. Child discounts are conditional and may not apply on certain departures.

Galapagos Air: $100 per Adult, $50 per child 11 and under.

Wetsuits: $70 per person for the 8-day cruise.

Seaman Journey

M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey is a first class catamaran that began sailing the Galapagos Islands in January 2008. It is a Boutique Yacht Catamaran offering superior comfort, size, style, and stability. The Galapagos Seaman Journey makes it possible to enjoy several cruises in the Galapagos with different itineraries that include amazing land tours on most of the Galapagos Islands. To check out the gorgeous ocean views with fellow shipmates, guests can spend some time on the live aboard’s spacious sundecks. Whether they feel like getting a little sun on their vacation or want the best place to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets over the Galapagos Islands, our sundecks are the best place to be.

For the adults who might want to relax and kick back, we offer a great bar and lounge area where they are served by our bartender who will be happy to attend to all their needs and desires whilst you relax. The M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey, another jewel from the well-known Galapagos Journey Fleet, the perfect combination of adventure, comfort, service, and excellence!

Capacity: 16 Guests
Cabins: 8
Specialists: Expert Guides, Great Crew


World Travel Awards in 2017 and 2018
Travel Weekly's Magellan Award 2018

"The Seaman Journey is an attractive 16-passenger yacht perfect for casual travelers looking to get to know their fellow passengers. The operator of this vessel is known for their friendly and enthusiastic crew plus strong guiding. If you've looking for a small vessel to charter or a great value for your Galapagos trip, the Seaman Journey is a wonderful choice."

Wild Nectar

Life On Board

Deck Plan

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Main Deck with two twin beds, picture window, private bath, bench and desk.

From in USD:


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Upper Deck with a queen bed, panoramic window, bath, and sofa bed for triples.

From in USD:


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Charter the yacht for a special trip with friends and family. Up to 16 passengers.

From in USD:


Some travelers love to get to know their fellow passengers and have been known to make lifelong friends on ships this size. If this is you or if you need a lovely charter, this attractive yacht will be perfect.

Joy Martinello, Founder



What’s Included & Cancellation Policy:

• All programed visits as per itinerary with specialized naturalist bilingual guide
• Accommodation in twin/double cabin with private facilities (surcharge for suite)
• All meals on board, drinking purified water, coffee and tea
• Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask & snorkel) & sea-kayaks
• Transfers within the islands on cruise dates as per itinerary
• Personalized 24/7 assistance during tour

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