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The Expert’s Guide to South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula

King Penguins on South Georgia

You've always wanted to visit the land of the penguins, or maybe a friend let you know how unbelievably extraordinary this trip truly is! The 2021/2022 Antarctic season seems to be going forward and it's time to select your own trip. Yet there are so many different kinds of ships to choose from. How will you know which one's right for you? And which itinerary should you choose? Maybe your friend let you know that South Georgia island off the coast of Argentina is to-die-for. Or maybe you only have 8-12 days for the whole trip.

Fortunately, you have an expert in your corner, and once you've had a conversation with your Travel Curator, we, the experts at Wild Nectar will be able to let you know exactly which itinerary and ships you should be considering.

SOUTH GEORGIA - If you have the time and the resources, we always recommend you take the longer trip that starts from Ushuaia, Argentina, lasts 18-24 days, and includes unbelievable South Georgia. Here's a client comment about South Georgia: "South Georgia was without doubt the most memorable part of our expedition. The wildlife, scenery, remoteness all combined to make it an unforgettable experience. In fact, the Antarctic itself was somewhat anti-climactic after that. If it were available, I would heartily recommend people consider visiting South Georgia."

Why is South Georgia so special? There are only a handful of places on the planet that offer such an incredible wildlife experience and South Georgia is one of those places. Imagine stepping onto a sandy beach and being welcomed by hundreds of thousands of king penguins as far as the eye can see. South Georgia offers the chance to see several wildlife species that you will not likely see in Antarctica: king penguins, macaroni penguins, thousands of fur and elephant seals, nesting wandering albatross with 20-foot wingspans, light mantled sooty albatross, the list goes on and on.

OTHER ITINERARY CHOICES - People who need a shorter trip will choose to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula region on a trip of 10-14 days. These shorter trips will still offer unforgettable, breathtaking landscapes and you'll get to see at least three species of penguins: Adelies, Gentoos and Chinstraps. People with even shorter windows of time or who are concerned about seasickness should consider fly/sail trips to the Peninsula that last 5-8 days.


SHIPS - Next, you're wondering which ships should your be considering? Here are examples of different ships with sustainability programs that might be perfect for you if your travel style is:

Luxury: Do you like 5-star hotels, 24 hour room service and plush accommodations? Le Lyrial or the Silver Cloud might be just right for you.

Luxury + Education: Would you like to combine a beautifully appointed cabin with an expert education program provided by world class naturalists and guides? If yes, the National Geographic Endurance or Le Lyrial might be the perfect ship for you.

Adventure + Activity: Would you rather go kayaking instead of heading to your cabin to crack a bottle of champagne? Would a clean and comfortable place to sleep suffice if you knew you could take a polar plunge, get a great hike in among the penguins, or do some paddle boarding the next day? Even if you're not super active, yet luxury is not your style, you'll find like-minded travelers on ships that look more like floating college dorms. I'd recommend the Expedition as an outstanding ship in this style.

Best Value: Maybe you want to set foot on your 7th continent and what's most important to you is getting a great rate. Great rates can pop up on all three kinds of ships listed above. Just let us know that value is your focus and we'll make sure you see the very best rates going. We know how to save you money.

No matter what style of travel you prefer or which itinerary you choose, be assured we will ask you all the right questions so we'll have you traveling on the perfect ship and trip. I, Joy Martinello, am a polar expert and have sent over 1000 people to Antarctica. I'll know exactly what ships are best for you. I'll offer you two or three and then I'll help you choose.

Let's talk! (206) 618-1107


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