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Digging Into Britain via Expedition Ship

Many people dream of going to London, Edinburgh, or Dublin, yet most luxury travelers think of traveling overland by vehicle, either on a custom journey with just their traveling companions, or on a small group journey with about 12-18 other travelers. Both approaches are fabulous, and I’ve sent quite a few of my travelers this way.

Yet if you’re looking for an experience that will bypass the tourist routes and show you sides of Britain few people see, you might consider taking an expedition ship to the British Isles. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this mode of travel:


Having designed small ship expeditions, I may be biased, yet the fact is traveling by expedition ship along dramatic coastlines like those in the British Isles is bound to show you sides of these countries that you could never see by car or van. Tiny, inaccessible villages, harrowing cliffsides, and islands that are hard to get to any other way than by ship are all on offer on an expedition cruise. And the views will be spectacular! You’ll be able to capture photos of these places you could never take on land. The sea, wind, and cliffsides will captivate you.

Your trip operator will also plan special behind-the-scenes access to museums, private homes, nature reserves, artisans’ studios–so many places. Visiting these places would often be cost-prohibitive if you were traveling on your own though small group land journeys also include this benefit. Many of the British Isles’ most iconic landmarks such as castles, ancient ruins, and historical towns are located on the coast and you’ll be able to see more of them in less time if traveling by ship.


Because ships are out in the winds and wild places, you’ll get to see a lot more wildlife, including marine life and birdlife, than you would traveling by vehicle. You’ll have a lot more animal photo opportunities from a ship. Puffins, here we come!


The expedition ships offered by Wild Nectar usually carry 199 passengers or less, so, you are traveling with a group of fellow passengers you’ll get to know very well. You’ll also have the undivided attention of a fairly large group of highly credentialed experts on hand to answer all your questions in a way you wouldn’t have access to on a private trip or a small group journey. Whether your passion is history, biology, geology, ornithology or all of the above, you’ll be in an information mecca surrounded by eggheads on an expedition ship. For some of us curious types, this is heaven!


There’s nothing like unpacking once when you reach your stateroom and then taking your floating hotel all over Ireland, Scotland, and England. Who needs long train or car rides when you can have a leisurely lunch, visit the spa, or even sit out on deck and watch the rocky coastlines go by as you travel from one destination to the next? And no need to eat boiled haggis or black pudding every day! The ship's multiple dining rooms will whip up your favorite foods at every meal and all British food will be optional which some people might prefer.


Is that a blue whale off the starboard side? Is there a festival happening in that small town? Fantastic! An expedition ship has more itinerary flexibility and can stop to see marvels as they unfold all around you.


Traveling by expedition ship means you’re with operators passionate about protecting the planet by using less fuel, promoting conservation, supporting local communities, and managing waste. We all know how important this is right now.


Worried about what your grandchildren or adult children will do on a British Isles trip? Expedition ships offer a range of experiences for all ages and can be relaxing and easy for older folks while being exciting or informative for those who want to get out and see more.


Many ships offer the opportunity to kayak or include active options like climbing or mountain biking as shore visit options which can be great for the more athletic members of the family.

Wild Nectar is featuring two fabulous ship options: Ancient Isles: England, Ireland, and Scotland on the classic expedition vessel, National Geographic Explorer and Cruising the British Isles: Scotland, Ireland & England on stylish Le Dumont d’Urvillle.

In short, taking an expedition ship to the British Isles can offer you an experience that will take your breath away. Go see the dramatic beauty! Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect expedition for your style of travel today.

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