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Vibrant Oslo: 7th Most Sustainable!

Looking to travel to one of the most sustainable destinations in the world? The Global Destination Sustainability Movement partnered with TripAdvisor to create a new Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best Sustainable Destinations list and colorful Oslo, Norway is #7 on the list. You can view the list here.


The scoring is done according to the GDS Index which uses 69 qualitative and quantitative sustainability indicators aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to evaluate over 100 cities around the world. This initiative measures, benchmarks, and guides the social, economic, and environmental sustainability strategy and performance of tourism. Learn more here.


We are delighted that Oslo is on this list! Our Spitsbergen journeys begin and end in Oslo and many of our travelers heading off to see polar bears add a few days either before or after their Arctic voyages to enjoy this lively, sophisticated city.

Oslo Odyssey: Unveiling Norway's Vibrant Capital

While its staggering fjords often overshadow the 1000-year-old capital of Norway, Oslo deserves a spotlight of its own. Whether you're an art aficionado, a nature enthusiast, a foodie, or are simply seeking a cool, contemporary European experience, Oslo has something for everyone!

Culture Abounds

Dive into Viking lore at the Viking Ship Museum. Marvel at Edvard Munch's "The Scream" at the Munch Museum. Delve into the city's fascinating past at the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Explore the extensive collection at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Or venture to the trendy Grünerløkka district with its vintage shops, independent cafés, and dynamic street art.

Nature in the Cityscape

Oslo seamlessly integrates nature into its urban fabric. Sculpted parks like the beautiful Vigeland, with its 200+ bronze and granite masterpieces, offer a lovely open-air art museum experience. Stroll along the harbor, lined with intimate cafés and buzzing with maritime activity. The nearby Holmenkollen mountain offers a unique blend of history, sports, and stunning scenery.

World Affairs

While a little “heavier”, the Nobel Peace Center celebrates the achievements of Nobel Peace Prize laureates and inspires visitors to consider their role in promoting a more peaceful world. The Holocaust Center serves as a powerful educational resource and a space for reflection on the horrors of the past. It also encourages critical thinking about racism and discrimination in contemporary society.

Foodie Delights

Oslo's culinary scene is surprisingly diverse. Seek out the Norwegian national dish, Farikal (mutton and cabbage), the distinctive caramel-y Brunost or Brown Cheese, and the beloved heart-shaped waffles. Experience inspired global flavors at top notch restaurants, gastropubs, and cafés. Savor innovative takes on traditional Norwegian cuisine at acclaimed restaurants like the three-Michelin-starred Maaemo.

Final Word

Oslo is a place where cool Scandinavian design meets captivating history and a modern edgy vibe. And it’s the 7th most sustainable destination in the world!

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Contact us to plan your Oslo adventures and polar bear trip today!


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