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East Greenland: Wild Shores of the High Arctic - Endurance

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This expedition visits extremely remote areas of Greenland, plus villages and stunning landscapes in Iceland and Norway. Travel there with an expert operator and National Geographic-level guiding.

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The Arctic: Drink It In

Greenland’s eastern coast is flanked by thousands of icebergs calved from the country’s massive ice sheet. Here, toward summer’s end when the sea ice opens, we venture into the largest national park in the world—Northeast Greenland National Park—to spot polar bears, musk oxen, arctic hare, and more. In this remote Arctic paradise where animals outnumber humans, go hiking with naturalists on the vast tundra, glide in a kayak through pristine fjords, and take in dramatic mountain views at every turn. There’s also a possibility of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights along Greenland and Iceland at this time of year. Plus, explore with time to linger in Norway’s fjords of legendary beauty at Tysfjord and in the Lofoten Islands.
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Travel Curator’s Insights:

    • Call at the seldom-visited Jan Mayen Island, where the only residents man a remote weather outpost and have this northernmost volcano all to themselves.
    •Visit Iceland’s colorful villages to see contemporary life, hike over geologically recent volcanic flows, and soak in the country’s iconic hot springs.
    •For a truly in-depth Arctic experience that gives you a taste of Greenlandic villages and highly remote wildlife, plus highlights of both the Norwegian Fjords and Iceland, this expedition is an excellent choice.


From $24,750 per person
Policies and protocols provided before you book.

Sept 8-27, 2023
Ask us for later dates.

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Runs local educational facilities for children.


Day 1-2: U.S./Oslo, Norway

Fly overnight to Oslo. Upon arrival, check into the Hotel Bristol. In the afternoon, explore this charming city. Stroll among the famed Vigeland sculptures—hundreds of life-size human figures set in terraced Frogner Park. Visit the Fram Museum, dedicated to the wooden ship sailed by Norwegian explorers Nansen and Amundsen. The evening is at leisure. (Day 2 includes Lunch.)

Day 3: Oslo/Tromsø/Embark

Depart Oslo on a chartered flight to Tromsø and embark National Geographic Endurance.

Day 4: Tysfjorden

Explore the dramatic, glacier-carved Norwegian coastline of Tysfjorden, where the fjord’s almost vertical walls surround the ship. By Zodiac and kayak, get closer views of the birch forests, tumbling waterfalls, and small villages on the rocky shore. Nearby, the U-shaped valley of Hellmobotn cuts nearly to Sweden and has a trail to hike almost to the border.

Days 5-6: Nordfjord/Svartisen

Svartisen National Park consists of a large ice field of the central Norwegian coast. We enter the park on a beautiful fjord called Nordfjord. As we cross the park boundary, the sheer walls of the fjord tower above the ship. The Captain anchors the ship near the mouth of a glacier fed river flowing down from a hanging glacier off the main ice field of Svartisen. Our morning will be spent gasping at the scenery, taking walks ashore in the birch meadows, and possibly kayaking in the protected waters. Zodiac cruising along the shores is always popular to view the numerous waterfalls cascading down the rock walls. Be on deck as we cruise into one of the most famous fjords in Norway, the compact yet dramatic Trollfjord, and search the cliffs for Norway’s mythical beings: trolls.


Day 7: Lofoten Islands

Start your day on deck as we glide into Trollfjorden, one of Norway’s most dramatic fjords. The Lofoten archipelago boasts an enchanting landscape of picturesque villages framed by jagged, granite peaks that rise straight from the sea. Explore the many islets, and go ashore at Værøy to hike and kayak. Seek out Atlantic puffins, razorbills, and guillemots on a Zodiac cruise.

Days 8-9: At Sea/Jan Mayen, Norway

Spend the next day at sea, enjoying the ship’s amenities as we cruise toward Jan Mayen mainland. Listen to talks given by our naturalists, head to the bridge to watch for whales, or relax in the sauna or library. The following day, take the extremely rare opportunity to visit Jan Mayen, a remote Norwegian island with a small military and weather station that holds the settlement’s only residents. The seldom visited isle is presided over by the ice-capped crater of Beerenberg, the world’s northernmost active above ground volcano.

Days 10-12: East Greenland,

Scoresbysund/Exploring With flexibility and exploration as our priorities, we head just south of the national park to Scoresbysund, the largest fjord in the world, where we may see the elusive narwhal, Atlantic walrus, and beluga whales. On the nearby shore sits the brightly colored Ittoqqortoormiit, the most isolated town in Greenland. The town is blocked by sea ice for most of the year, and its inhabitants—fewer than 500 of them—survive by hunting and fishing the surrounding waters. This is also the time of year where it is possible to view the Northern Lights and our staff will be available to help you photograph the experience.

Days 13-16: Exploring Northeast Greenland National Park

Northeast Greenland National Park, the largest national park in the world, is a pristine swath of Arctic wilderness in the northeast corner of Greenland. There, you’ll find towering mountains, glacial lagoons, and tremendous wildlife—polar bears, musk oxen and walrus. National Geographic Endurance, with its PC 5 ice class, makes it possible to navigate the region’s dense pack ice and explore up close the coastline and inlets of the park.


Day 17: Northwest Iceland

Explore the beautiful and peaceful Westfjords region of Iceland. Perhaps take a hike to a remote waterfall or a Zodiac cruise alongside stunning scenery. Enter Ísafjarðardjúp and land at Vigur Island to visit the Eider Farm and view the down cleaning process. 

Day 18: Flatey Island

Explore Iceland’s western frontier. Visit Flatey Island, a trading post for many centuries, to walk around the charming little hamlet, and opportunities to see and photograph numerous species of birds. Zodiac cruise the coast and see where Erik the Red sailed from in the year 982 A.D., bound for Greenland.

Day 19: Westman Islands

The Westman Islands were formed by undersea volcanoes between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago and are among the youngest of the world’s archipelagos. In 1963, the world witnessed on film the birth of its newest island, Surtsey — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — which we see as we cruise past the coast. In 1973, Heimaey was threatened by lava flows that nearly closed off its harbor. We visit the crater, where the earth is still hot, and have amazing views of areas that had been engulfed by lava.

Day 20: Reykjavik/Disembark/Home

Disembark in Reykjavík with options to visit either the famous Blue Lagoon thermal baths or hot springs, a geothermal power plant, and a horse farm, prior to the flight home. (This day includes breakfast and lunch.)

Please Note: Itinerary is for guidance purposes only and may be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances including weather, wildlife, ice, medical emergencies and other conditions beyond this operator's control at the sole discretion of this operator.

Special Offer (Subject to change): Travel aboard the National Geographic Endurance on any voyage and this operator will cover your bar tab and all tips for the crew!

Sample Airfares:

Economy: from $1,150

Business: from $3,250

Charter(Oslo/Tromso from $490 and Nome/Anchorage from $350)

Airfares are subject to change.

Children: Take $500 off for each child under the age of 18.

Back-to-Back: Save 10% on any consecutive journeys taken on board one of this operator's expedition ships. This savings is applicable on voyage fares only and are not valid on extensions or airfare. Ask your Travel Curator for dovetailing options.

Group Rates: Save 5% when traveling as a group of 8 or more people. Take advantage of these great savings, while enjoying traveling with your friends and family. This savings is applicable to voyage fares only, and is not valid on extensions or airfare. Deposit, final payments, and cancellation policies for group travel vary from regular policies.




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Junior Balcony Suite with large balcony, sofa bed 344 square ft. #710

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This comprehensive itinerary offers a very complete experience in the Arctic with opportunities for polar bears, villages, and even Reykjavik, Iceland. An excellent choice if this might be your only trip to the Great North.

Joy Martinello, Founder



What’s Included & Cancellation Policy:

One hotel night in Oslo; accommodations; meals indicated; alcoholic beverages (except premium brands); excursions; services of Expedition Leader, Naturalist staff and expert guides; use of kayaks; entrance fees; all port charges and service taxes; gratuities to ship’s crew.

Travel Insurance (recommended) Air transportation; charter flight: Oslo/Tromso from $980pp; immigration/passport; fees; personal items such as emails, laundry, voyage DVD.


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