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Africa On Foot: The Top Ten Reasons to Take a Walking Safari

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Safari vehicles are the norm for most of Africa’s visitors yet for those who crave even more adventure and unpredictability, why not set out on your African safari on foot? 

When I went to Kenya, I thoroughly enjoyed having the wind in my hair as our vehicle rumbled through dust clouds past herds of wildebeest, yet I couldn’t help but wonder what must it be like for a Maasai warrior when he’s running through the desert or for a wildlife photographer from National Geographic creeping up behind a pride of lions with both feet on the ground?

If you’ve thought about a walking safari, you’re in luck as we have curated a collection of adventures that help you get closer to wildlife than ever before (safely, of course).

And if you’ve never thought about heading out of safari on foot, here are the top ten benefits of taking a walking safari in Africa:

1. Closer Encounters with Wildlife: Walking safaris provide the opportunity to get up close and personal with Africa's diverse wildlife. Being on foot allows you to observe animals in their natural environment without the noise and disturbance of a vehicle.

2. Deeper Connection with Nature: Walking safaris offer a more intimate and sensory experience. You can feel the crunch of the earth beneath your feet, hear the sounds of the bush, and smell the scents of the wilderness, providing a deeper connection with nature.

3. In-the Moment Guiding: As your knowledgeable guide accompanies you on a walking safari, they can pause the group and take the time to provide insights into animal behavior, animal tracks, and the surrounding habitat. 

4. Environmental Awareness: Walking safaris promote a greater appreciation for the delicate balance of ecosystems. Guides often educate participants about the importance of conservation and sustainable practices as the group notices changes in the land or in wildlife conditions.

5. Flexibility and Freedom: Walking safaris allow for more flexibility. Guides can adapt the route based on the interests of the group, unexpected wildlife sightings, and current weather patterns.

6. Exercise and Well-being: Walking is great for your health and the physical activity involved in a walking safari helps you feel great. It's an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a not too taxing way while staying active.

7. Photographic Opportunities: On foot, photographers have the chance to capture unique and stunning images from different perspectives. The absence of a vehicle allows for creative compositions and unobstructed views.

8. Cultural Interaction: In addition to wildlife, walking safaris often include visits to local communities, providing opportunities for cultural interactions and a better understanding of the local people and their way of life.

9. Excitement & Adventure: Walking in the wilderness can be an exhilarating experience, especially when encountering large mammals. The sense of excitement and the thrill of being in the presence of wildlife in their natural habitat is unforgettable.

10. Minimal Environmental Impact: Walking safaris generally have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional game drives, as they minimize the disturbance to the natural environment and wildlife.

Before heading out on a walking safari, it's important to choose a reputable safari operator, to follow safety guidelines, and to be aware of the specific conditions and activity requirements of your selected region. At Wild Nectar, we take the guesswork out of choosing a walking safari, as we only work with reliable operators who are passionate about wildlife conservation and we'll make sure the activity level is right for you.

Some of our walking safaris include Kenya Walking Safari, The Great Namibia Wildlife Safari, which offers a combination of walking and vehicles, plus our gorilla safaris: Uganda: Gorillas & Beyond, The Great Uganda Gorilla Safari, and Gorillas & Maasai Mara: Traveling Overland, another combination journey.

Ready to track some wildlife and get some fabulous footage? Contact us and we’ll help you create the perfect African adventure for your style of travel.

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