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Delectable Culinary Tours in Sunny, Soulful Croatia

Discovering a culture through its food is a wonderful way to connect with the history of a place, the hearts of the people, and the produce grown in the very place you're standing in. Exploring dishes often means exploring someone's family stories, remembering relatives, or hearing about places people have lived and loved.

Brudet, a fish stew from Croatia

Croatian food speaks the language of a people of contrasts. Eastern traditions mingle with European sophistication while a Mediterranean climate gives way to serene lakes and forested mountains. Meals reflect a diversity of Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and Austrian styles. Mediterranean seafood along the coast blends seamlessly with rustic inland specialties, allowing the Croatia culinary traveler to experience a world of tastes in a single day. Each dish tells a tale of someone who came from or traveled to a different place, and each dish is a testament to resiliency and remembering family traditions.

When you join one of our Croatia culinary tours, you’ll cook with locals, gather fresh ingredients for dinner from the market, dine in authentic Croatian restaurants, and enjoy regional delicacies like oysters, black risotto, and truffles. In Istria we’ll learn how Croatians use the land with a traditional truffle hunt and fantastic wine tasting. And through it all you'll meet and share stories with people, share your family heritage with someone who has walked a very different path from you. Dining together can be a means of opening our hearts to stories we've never previously imagined.


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