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Overwhelmed? Try This & Feel Carefree

There are a lot of challenging things happening in the world today. Considering climate change, the political climate, and Covid-19, I know that’s a bit of an understatement. If you're like me, you might be hard pressed to remember a time when you’ve had quite so many things to juggle and worry about all swirling around you at the same time. It’s striking me that this might be ”the new normal”, so what I’m trying to cultivate these days is ease.

I’ve been involved in expedition cruising for 14 years, first as a travel planner, next as a trainer for travel planners, and finally as a designer of expedition cruises and I can't think of anything more easeful, more liberating, and more nourishing than expedition cruising. Setting out on a small expedition ship of around 100-200 passengers with the wind in my hair getting ready to explore a destination I’ve only dreamed of has been one of the most exhilarating and enriching experiences of my life. I’ve traveled the world on a long list of ships with a long list of operators, and I’ve never come home more refreshed, more open-hearted, and more alive than I have after an expedition cruise.

The key to the deep relaxation that comes from expedition cruising is being able to have an extraordinary experience while having absolutely no responsibilities. All the planning and decision-making during your time on the ship is taken care of for you. Once you embark and unpack your belongings in your comfy cabin, you’re entirely in the capable hands of the ship’s captain and your expedition leader. Your job then becomes to experience and enjoy. The hardest decision you’ll have all day is whether to go to a market or on a nature hike, whether to see penguins or go kayaking. Oh and there's that choice at dinner between chocolate cake and tiramisu.

Big cruise ships can become stressful with all those people. Plus the experiences offered for large groups of people can’t compare with the special experiences prepared for small groups from a small ship.

Then there’s the happy unpredictability offered on an expedition ship. At the drop of a hat, the captain and expedition leader can decide to follow a pod of dolphins or land at a remote jungle site where no one has ever been. Adventure mixed with ease is an addictive combination. Someone else makes the decision to do something unforgettable. Someone else sets up safety procedures. And then you get to have all the fun.

Land-based trips can be nearly carefree when you’re traveling with a great operator. Still they require you to keep track of your passport, your wake up times, and your currency. You have to pack and unpack every time you travel to a new place. Plus, you think you should be out exploring during any free time, rather than being forced to relax in your cabin during sea time like you would on an expedition ship. (There’s nothing like being forced to slow down and relax.)

Overall, I’ve found expedition cruising to be the most relaxing, easeful and recharging of all the styles of travel available. I’d love to share some of my slideshows from my ship trips with you at these links: Galapagos, Antarctica, Arctic, Alaska, and Central America. Wild Nectar has a fabulous collection of Galapagos, Antarctica, Alaska, Arctic, Amazon, and Japan expeditions, plus so many more! Contact us to let us know where you’d like to travel and we’ll offer you some trip selections plus slideshows of the ships to help you choose the ship expedition that fits your vision perfectly.

Plan some ease for yourself via an expedition cruise. I promise it will help with all the overwhelm and craziness we are all dealing with these days.

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