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Sneaker Luxury: Getting Active

There are lots of different kinds of luxury. Some people love floating down the Amazon on a stunning, air-conditioned river cruiser while others would prefer mountain biking through the jungle, canoeing upstream, or climbing a 100-foot-tall observation tower to look out over the jungle canopy.

At Wild Nectar, we know the term “luxury” means different things to different people and that’s why some of the trips in our collection focus more on getting outside, pushing your body to do more, and sometimes sacrificing comfort to get really close to a place and its inhabitants. Here are some examples of active trips that will get your heart racing for a lot of reasons:


People who love serious trekking will want to consider Trekking New Zealand, Peaks, Rainforests & Rocky Coasts. This 19-day adventure includes bush and alpine walks, tide pool explorations and a mix of camping and hotels. A classic trek would be Peru’s Inca Trail and this Inca Trail and the Amazon Rainforest itinerary includes 15 days of mountain and jungle hikes, altitude and sea level. Get out your favorite boots!

And if you’re looking for a mix of hikes and other truly unusual experiences, why not hike the Oaxacan Sierras staying in rustic hiking lodges and stopping for farm to table lunches along the way? All of this can be had on Wild Nectar’s Signature Journey, Immersive Oaxaca: Vibrant Colors & Subtle Flavors adventure, 12 days. Do some Oaxacan cooking and check out a Lucha Libre wrestling match on the way!

What about Kili? Kilimanjaro? This basic trip, Tanzanian Adventure: Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar includes camping and simple hotels and might be just the ticket for getting you to the top. We’ve got a luxury hotel option for you also if you prefer.


Rather than trekking hard, some of us love some gentle, long distance walking and we at Wild Nectar think walking trips get you closer to a destination than many other styles of trips. Plus these walking trips have you staying in hotels and some of the hotels are over-the-top sumptuous! There’s the Kenya Walking Safari, Walking Cotswolds to Bath, The Green Heart of Italy: Walking Umbria, and Georgia Wine Country Walking (that’s Georgia the country in eastern Europe), just to name a few. Check ‘em out!


We’re just getting started with our biking collection. People are now fitter than ever and if they’re not, there’s always an E-biking option! Take a look at the 6-day Super Tuscan. Talk about luxury hotels mixed with daily rides! Another favorite is something everyone says they’re going to do yet often forget to make time for: the 5-day Napa & Sonoma Biking Adventure. Add this to some time at a California wellness property and you’ve got a wonderfully rejuvenating respite.


If you love snorkeling and diving, take a look at our Raja Ampat blog from a few weeks ago as it’s chock full of Indonesia ideas. The Galapagos is a great place to dive and we can hook you up with a boat to dive famous Wolf & Darwin islands. The Galapagos is also great for hikes, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Take a look at Among the Great Whales that offers amazing snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, in Baja California, Mexico. Why not snorkel via the Safari Explorer as she plies the waters off Hawaii’s Kona Coast, Maui and Molokai.


And what about the people who just can’t keep still? If you like pushing yourself hard in a lot of different ways in a tropical location, how about this Hawaii Multi Island Explorer or this Hawaii: Multi-Active Big Island Adventure?

This article could go on forever as we stop to consider kayaking, ice climbing, cross country skiing, rappelling, caving, mountaineering, and all the other crazy active trips Wild Nectar offers in Antarctica, the Arctic, Alaska and beyond. We hope you’ll contact us so we can hook you up with the super active, high-energy, outdoors-loving trip of your wildest dreams.


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