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The Rise of Wellness Vacations

As our world becomes more and more complex, the need for time away from work, from news headlines, from technology, from family problems, and other weighty responsibilities becomes more and more critical. Unlike earlier generations who were content to take more traditional vacations, today’s hard-working, curious, wellness seeking travelers see the value in stepping far away from their daily lives to recharge and sometimes reinvent their lives, often by themselves.

Welcome to the age of wellness vacations. If you haven’t scheduled one for the year ahead, it might be time to get out your calendar and block out a week (or two) that’s just for you, your health, and your peace of mind. We at Wild Nectar are exploring the possibilities through our Wellness offerings and we have plans to add more wellness properties and more wellness-focused itineraries in years to come.

A wellness retreat can offer your life a reset in ways that are not always available with other kinds of travel. A beach vacation with your family might include some rest time, or even spa time, yet a wellness vacation often includes a powerful intention for healing and transformation that you wouldn’t necessarily experience at a beach hotel.

The benefits of a wellness vacation include:

  • De-Stressing: Science has shown how detrimental stress can be to both our health and our work performance. Letting go of stress is going to become more and more important as climate change comes on full force and as cultural shifts call upon us to be at our very best.

  • No Technology: How many times a day do you pick up your phone? And what does that do to your concentration or mood? A self-selected tech ban can remind you of who you are without your iPhone.

  • Physical Health: Many wellness retreats include healthy eating, exercise, yoga, massage, and other body-centered treatments to help revive us and restore us to our best daily physical experience. Healthy habits we have trouble starting on our own can be jump started at wellness properties under professional guidance. (I’m doing the same yoga routine I picked up at a wellness retreat in 2015.)

  • Mental Health: It’s easy to get confused and discouraged in life. Sometimes all you need is some quiet time at a beautiful place with some kind people who will help you explore what’s been bothering you. Even if therapy isn’t usually your thing, you may be delighted to find that it actually helps you feel better during this time away.

  • Sleep: A peaceful environment in a beautiful place without technology (if you so choose) might be just what you need to get the sleep of your dreams.

  • Life Path: It’s easy to get lost among the trees when what you really need is to step back and figure out if you’re in the right forest. Some restful contemplation might set you on a new life path that’s better for you.

  • Spiritual Growth: A vague yearning for peace or something spiritual might lead you to try new things like meditation, fasting, acupuncture, or spiritual counseling. There’s more and more talk about the benefits of trying psychedelic drugs in a safe, medically monitored environment. Spiritual growth often gets overlooked in our everyday lives. A wellness retreat may help you find more peace and hope to take home with you.

No matter which benefits are most appealing to you, we at Wild Nectar can help you locate a beautiful wellness property in a dreamy location. Here are some of of our favorites:

We’ve also asked some of our wellness partner companies to provide us with unique itineraries exclusive to Wild Nectar clients, so we look forward to adding those soon as well.

If you’re ready to block off that week in your calendar for a wellness retreat, contact us and we’ll help you locate exactly the experience and benefits you are hoping for.

Here’s to Wellness in 2023!


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