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The Rise of Sustainable Tourism

Travel has a wonderful ability to connect people, places, and nature across the globe - an attribute that is treasured by many. To nurture and maintain these splendid connections for generations to come, sustainable practices are spreading rapidly in the tourism industry. Sustainable tourism is a form of tourism that accounts for the present and future economic, environmental, and social impacts to holistically benefit the local communities, visitors, environment and the industry in the long term.

The global tourism industry comprises approximately 10.4% of the global economy (nearly 9 trillion US$) and is expected to grow at a faster rate than most other industries in the coming years. Tourism also contributes approximately 8% of the world’s annual carbon emissions - that’s more than the entire construction industry! Emissions specific to the travel industry are expected to increase by 25% in the next decade. To combat this increase, travel operators are working to implement more sustainable practices to mitigate their carbon emissions.

Examples of sustainable practices being executed by the travel industry include: offsetting carbon emissions, ensuring local communities are treated fairly and respectfully, taking steps to reduce waste - particularly plastic waste, opting for low-emission transportation options, and taking measures to reduce water usage. Tourists play a large part in advancing sustainability in the travel industry as well. Among many other methods, tourists can opt to stay in eco accommodations, tread lightly on local environments, use reusable bottles and bags, offset carbon emissions associated with travel, and purchase local goods that avoid plastic wrapping.

These new practices do more than reduce carbon emissions; they ensure that tourists and local communities alike benefit from international tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has launched several organizations and initiatives, such as the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, to transition to a green travel and tourism industry. These organizations and initiatives call for the care of local communities and ecosystems in a way such that all tourists, citizens, and flora and fauna can experience the wonder of the earth for generations to come.

Here at Wild Nectar, we are committed to furthering sustainable tourism initiatives and staying at the forefront of green tourism developments. We are beyond excited to bring you along on our journey to provide enriching experiences for all walks of life for years to come. Contact us today to learn how your next wind in your hair luxury travel experience can have a positive impact on our planet!


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