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Avoiding Crowds in Europe This Summer

According to Fodor’s Guides, 30% more people are traveling in 2023 than in 2022 and according to the European Travel Commission, 1 out of every 2 European destinations has recovered more than 80% of their pre-pandemic visitors. Europe is one of the world’s hottest destinations right now with London, Rome, and Paris holding the top three spots. So how do you visit these iconic destinations without being overrun by tourists?

Wild Nectar travelers require different kinds of experiences than those flocked to by the masses, so get ready to explore a series of trips that will show you a different side of Europe and help you avoid crowds in the process.


When one thinks of expedition ships, one usually thinks of remote, icy destinations only reachable by small ship. While polar expeditions are spectacular, have you considered how amazing an expedition ship would be when traveling Europe? Unpack once and relax in transit rather than taking crowded trains or planes. Travel with world class experts credentialed in a wide range of topics and have your curiosity satisfied at every turn. Enjoy familiar, maybe healthier foods when you can’t eat another croissant or scone. Go behind the scenes to private homes or organic farms or for dinners in museums closed just for your group. The range of experiences on offer keeps you far away from the crush of regular tourists.

Wild Nectar offers a comprehensive collection of expedition ships traveling Europe such as the Lord of the Glens’ program, Scotland’s Highland & Islands or the Sea Cloud’s unforgettable Under Sail: Greece to the Dalmatian Coast. Ask us about expedition ship programs to any of the European destinations on your bucket list.


Another great way to avoid the crowds and go behind the scenes in some of your favorite European destinations would be to travel on a small group journey. Traveling with 12-18 passengers on an itinerary designed to showcase the best of a place without encountering the thronging public is a pleasure which will surprise you. Small group journeys often include special adventures you could never plan on your own, such as dinner with local royalty or a behind the scenes tour of a luscious vineyard. And many of Wild Nectar’s small group journeys include visits to some of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Take a look at this Portrait of Portugal program that offers much more than the tourist sites of Lisbon. Or what about biking or E-biking through the glorious rolling hills of Tuscany on this Super Tuscan small group journey? And if the UK is on your bucket list why not join the bucolic Cotswolds to Bath Walking, a 12-passenger small group journey through the lavish gardens, ancient cities, and honey-pot homes of one of Britain’s quaintest corners.


If you prefer to travel with just your partner or just your family and friends, a custom program that specifically caters to your interests and specifically avoids crowds might be for you. A lot of people are taking multi-generational custom trips now that include the use of a private villa or a special elaborate family meal prepared seaside or in some other out of the way location that only our esteemed ground operators are aware of.

Whether your group is large or small or even if you’re traveling alone, let us customize a program that has you meeting local craftspeople, cooking up some delicious local specialty, or exploring your love of period clothing. Any interest you have can be a way to connect with a destination well away from tourist traps and hassles.

Some of our favorite European custom programs are walking tours such as The Green Heart of Italy: Walking Umbria program or Georgia Wine Country Walking. Ask us to create a custom program in any European destination, as we work with a host of experts on the ground who will plan something unforgettable for you that will fit your interests and requirements to a "T".


Wild Nectar has a sustainability focus and taking a private jet across Europe will hopefully inspire you to do a lot of carbon offsetting for your trip, yet if you’re prepared to do this, joining a very special adventure like Wings Over the Mediterranean will allow you to stay away from crowds and only enjoy aspects of France, Italy, Croatia and Portugal that will delight you.

This best of the best program with one of our eco-passionate operators will provide you with private performances, behind the scenes visits to private homes and museums, a cooking class on the Amalfi Coast, and so many other rich experiences. We will gladly direct you to Sustainable Travel International, a carbon offsetting program we have vetted and believe in so you can be sure to reduce your carbon footprint for this trip.

Are you ready to go to Europe in a way that avoids the crush? Contact us and we’ll offer you an adventure that will focus on your interests and passions and will leave the clamoring crowds behind.


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