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Covid & Globetrotting: Where Can I Travel Now?

Are you having trouble containing your wanderlust? Are you itching to travel, yet sit stunned in your seat as you watch Covid-19’s Delta variant make its way across the globe? You’re not alone. According to Travel Pulse, a whopping “95 percent of travelers surveyed would consider traveling internationally once restrictions are lifted; 87 percent have a strong desire to travel internationally right now.”

But where can you go? Where should you go? Where should you definitely not go? And who can you rely on to make sure you won’t lose your shirt if you make the wrong decision?

According to Joy Martinello, travel industry veteran and founder of Wild Nectar Immersive Travel Collection, “The safest places for vaccinated travelers worldwide are still regions within their own country. Here are a few destinations that are plausible for luxury and adventure travelers, though situations can change quickly: the Galapagos Islands, Egypt, Jordan, East Africa, and for US travelers: North America. Still, if you do travel now, you’ll need solid information and precautions will have to be taken.”

In these times when trips are being canceled often due to the moving target that is Covid-19, you need to make sure you are choosing a trip that can be shifted to a future date or canceled without penalty. Yet, much more importantly, you need someone to outline each operator’s and each destination’s Covid-19 protocols so you can be sure you’re traveling safely. A company like Wild Nectar is your solution. Not only can we save you time by doing Covid research for you, but travelers can also trust we will be very conservative with our recommendations. We all want travel to resume, yet, most of all, we want our clients to be safe.

Joy Martinello continues, “Our current Covid strategy for travel is to recommend that you book 2-3 trips out into the future to different destinations. Then if the first trip gets canceled, you’ll have other trips in the pipeline to look forward to. The travel industry is like a big waitlist right now so it’s important to have trips booked out into the future even if you’re not sure you will take them or if they will be canceled due to Covid. As soon as regions become safe, we want to have trips confirmed for you so you can be among the lucky ones who have plans in place. We know which waitlists will move to allow new bookings and what operators to recommend for your style of travel.”

If you’re hoping to take a trip as soon as possible, Wild Nectar can help you make an educated choice about where and how to travel. Yet, even if you plan to wait out the pandemic and travel in 2022 or 2023 it’s important to contact us now as there isn’t much space remaining on future trips and we want to make sure you’ll be able to travel as soon as you’re ready.

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