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Today’s Travel Anxiety: Here’s the Antidote

Right now, people who love to travel, want to travel. Some are eager to get away from work and go on vacation. Others want to spend their retirement years doing what they worked so hard to save for. Many, at this moment, seem frozen in place, unable to commit to a trip because they’re worried about the Delta variant, worried about climate change, worried about the world economy--you name it. These are worrying times.

What thwarted travelers don’t realize is that they can help make the world a better place by doing exactly what they love. We’ve all been dragged down so long by mask-wearing and heavy world concerns that we’re all contributing to the general malaise. It’s time to turn to some healing balms for the traveling soul so we can get back to exuberantly exploring the world. Here are three welcome cures for travel anxiety:

The first is to find something to look forward to, namely plan a trip sometime in the future so you know something wonderful is coming. A Cornell University study showed how anticipating a trip can bring almost as much happiness as traveling can, and people need to find happiness anywhere they can right now. If you feel more comfortable planning that trip for a year from now rather than a month from now, do that. Your brain and heart need to see travel in your future. If you set something up now, your life trajectory will turn toward the positive. Your subconscious mind will sense you’re heading toward something great and life will get better now.

The second antidote for travel anxiety is good planning. The Center for Disease Control suggests that the risk of contracting Covid-19 can be mitigated by taking specific precautions like getting vaccinated and being prepared with N95 masks for your flights. Still the best planning you can find will come from a seasoned travel professional with 16 years’ experience, (that’s me!) who will 1) make sure you’re traveling to the world’s safest destinations like the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica via Chile, 2) give you a full rundown of your travel operator’s Covid-19 protocols and policies, and 3) make sure to protect your travel investment should your trip be cancelled or if a surge unfolds in your destination. When you contact me at Wild Nectar Immersive Travel Collection, I’ll take all the guesswork out of planning your trip. You’ll be breathing a sigh of relief and your subconscious mind will ease up on the nail biting.

The third healing balm, and what we at Wild Nectar view as the most important, is deep care. A lot of what’s causing deep anxiety is a sense of isolation. Sure, you have your family and maybe a couple of close friends or coworkers in your Covid circle, yet it’s been years now and what each of us needs is more people who authentically care. Cherishing our relationships with our clients is included in Wild Nectar’s Mission Statement and I’ve been described by my clients as “one of the most experienced and caring people in the travel industry.” What’s behind my care is my passionate love of travel and my powerful desire to help people have the most rich and meaningful experiences of their lives. This is my way of bringing more heart and meaning into the world.

I want to see the dark cloud hanging over the world right now shift. If you’re ready to contribute to a brighter future by making yourself happy with travel, let’s chat on Zoom. Or call me at (206) 618-1107. Or visit Wild Nectar Immersive Travel Collection. We’ve got some powerful, anxiety-healing wonders in store for you. (Plus, we’ll help you travel sustainably.)


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