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People Are Getting Out There; Are You Next?

Travel is back! At least as far as we can tell here at Wild Nectar. The phone is ringing and people are finally getting out there after our long, dark, dreary, communal travel fast. “Yippie!” you say. “Life is short and there are so many places I want to see!” And you should be excited because you can travel to some extraordinary places now and have some unforgettable bucket list experiences with confidence right now!

Yet let’s examine what traveling is like now and some of the pitfalls you might fall into without the proper guidance of an expert travel planner. Are you ready to travel now? Let’s find out!

Our recommendations for travel now and this summer include all of North, Central and South America, some countries in Western Europe including Italy, Spain, and Portugal, East and Southern Africa, some countries in Asia, namely, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand, and the Norwegian, Canadian, and Greenlandic Arctic. Contact us to ask about other countries you’re considering to receive our recommendations.

People who are traveling now and who are planning to travel this summer are the kind of people who are willing to cooperate with all Covid–19 entry requirements and policies for the countries they plan to visit. Being fully vaccinated is often one of those requirements.

Again, a travel planner is essential now, and we at Wild Nectar create a set of custom Covid-19 recommendations for each traveler. We then review and revise these instructions three days before departure so our travelers can feel confident they know everything they need to know before they go. If you’re willing to follow instructions and put up with some waiting at airports, you might be ready to travel now.

Wait! There’s another factor to consider: flights. Air travel is currently quite challenging in some countries (like the UK), and still somewhat problematic in many. As we at Wild Nectar predicted, there's a lot of pent-up demand for travel, and more people are trying to fly than expected. Airlines are facing labor shortages and juggling schedules trying to meet the demand. Cancellations and rerouting are still happening and you should be prepared for flight disruptions in case they happen to you.

Does that mean you shouldn’t go? Absolutely not! Just be sure and ticket your air at the right time rather than waiting. Your best flight rates will be offered 2-3 months before you travel for most international destinations. Plus. Travel & Leisure suggests you stick to that international trip rather than traveling domestically. Domestic flights are up 28% compared to 2019 while international flights are only up 3%. And be sure to be ready to “go with the flow” if you encounter flight cancellations. You’ll get home; don’t worry. (And we’ll help!)

Now that we’ve considered entry requirements and flights for current and summer travel, what else should you keep in mind? Be ready for Covid-19 requirements on site. Just as in your home country, the countries you are visiting will also have their daily Covid-19 policies such as mask wearing in various venues or other restricted activities. We’re all pretty used to these by now and you’ll read about them in your custom Covid-19 recommendations. Just be sure when you’re visualizing your adventure, you picture some mask wearing as a part of it.

The bottom line is you’re ready to plan a trip if you’re willing to put up with some minor inconveniences for the sake of getting out there. Many countries across the globe are ready to welcome you. The most extraordinary and spectacular sights and experiences are all out there waiting for you. If you’re willing to do what you have to do to stay safe and remain flexible, chances are you’re ready to travel!

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