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Tests for the US: Which Tests Work for Entry & Re-Entry?

Many travelers are starting to get the hang of taking Covid-19 tests to enter or re-enter the US yet not everyone feels completely comfortable about this essential aspect of planning their trip. We’ve got you covered. The US requires certain kinds of tests and not all tests on the market will be acceptable as you board your flight. Read on and we'll make sure you select the correct one.

If this is your first trip since the Pandemic started, you might not know where to begin. Should you make an appointment to get tested while on your trip? Should you bring your own test? Which tests should you use?

Though many airports have clinics and many great trip operators can provide tests for you while you’re traveling, instead we urge you to purchase the correct tests before you leave home and take control of the situation yourself rather than relying on foreign clinics and worrying about getting the correct results with other people handling this very important aspect of your trip.

Correct Tests - The tests we’re recommending can be purchased online and they all meet the criteria put forth by the US Center for Disease Control as outlined here.

Telehealth Officials - All of the tests we recommend have a telehealth component which means you’ll need a phone, tablet, or laptop with a camera and good solid Internet to complete the test. (And remember you need to administer the test 24 hours or less before you fly.)

Internet Required - If you’re traveling somewhere where the Internet may be sketchy, it may be worth it to add that extra day staying near the airport so you can complete your test. You’ll need the Internet because these tests require that you administer the test with a human person online with you witnessing your results.

Costs - Prices for these tests range from $49 - $89 for a single test and are also available at $150 for 6 tests. Here are links to companies offering telehealth tests that are acceptable for US entry or re-entry:

Right Device - It's important to make sure you’re traveling with the correct device for connecting with a telehealth representative for your specific test. Not all tests work with your phone, for example and require a laptop. Read the instructions carefully to be sure you will be bringing the correct device for the test you have selected.

Plan a Time - Remember you need to administer your test no more than 1 day prior to flying. If you take it too early it may not be valid when you show it to your airline. Make sure you know how long it will take to get your test results. Plan a time to take the test when you know you have plenty of time to complete it. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.

Now you’re ready to travel far and wide and then enter or reenter the US as part of your trip. Hopefully you’re clear now on what US officials are expecting, yet if you have questions, contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect trip and be 100% ready for all the countries you’ll be entering. Wild Nectar provides you with Covid-19 recommendations when you book and then again right before you leave to make sure your information is 100% up to date.

At Wild Nectar, we care about our travelers and want every single minute of your trip to flow smoothly. Knowing what will happen with your Covid test will be one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing adventure, an easy flight, and a safe trip!


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