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Trend Alert: Volunteerism Changes You & Everything

The world is getting smaller by the minute and someone we once thought of as being a world away might actually become a friend. One way this could happen is via an emerging style of travel that was becoming more and more accessible before the pandemic and probably will be of interest again when the world is safer: volunteer travel.

Maasai School in Kenya

Once volunteerism is accessible again, travelers will once again find opportunities to connect with locals over a civic project. If you're a curious traveler and would like to have a deeper understanding of how people from different cultures live their lives, joining a volunteerism program will offer you the opportunity to meet new people, connect over what you have in common, and discover what's at root of your differences, all while creating something for the community like a school or a water treatment plant. These opportunities for connection and understanding are priceless and could be a means of bringing people and nations together globally. Plus they leave behind enhanced infrastructure. You could make an amazing difference!

At Wild Nectar, we want to create as many opportunities as possible for people from different cultures to meet and find common ground. We recently launched our line of Wild Nectar Signature Journeys and one we are very excited about is Immersive Kenya: Through the eyes of the Maasai. On this journey, you'll stay in an actual Maasai village where they train their warriors, and you'll get to experience everyday activities such as meeting with tribal elders, learning to make crafts with the women's circle, setting out on an early morning bushwalk to see wildlife, and even trying local cuisine.

We plan to create Signature Journeys like this all over the world, and, in addition to showcasing the most fascinating sights in the destination, all will include opportunities to connect with locals and see how other people live. As the pandemic recedes, we'll also be adding volunteerism programs to our collection that leave completed projects behind that support communities.

People everywhere respond to kindness and a smile. Our Wild Nectar travelers will never forget the people, perhaps even new friends they will meet on these journeys. And a trip like this is a fantastic gift to offer your kids!

We're inspired to bring people together using travel as a force for good. If you're an adventurous and curious traveler, contact us and we'll help you find a way to connect with people different from you and to serve the global community.


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