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Why Choose Mexico Now

The Omicron variant has cast a lot of uncertainty over travel again, yet we're coming into this new phase with more information about how to stay safe than we had before, or at least safer in the face of rapidly changing situations. If you’re eager to venture out in the next few months and are looking for a destination where travel will be more manageable, consider Mexico. Here’s what you’ll need to know about Mexico travel now: (source: CNN)

1. Travelers don’t need to produce PCR tests upon arrival and there is no quarantine though you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and secure a QR code for entry.

2. Mexico has a four-tier traffic light system of restrictions, with red signifying maximum restrictions, orange limiting capacity in public spaces, yellow allowing public gatherings to take place, and green meaning there are no restrictions in place. See a color-coded map here.” (Most regions are currently green with some yellow.)

3. Check your home country for requirements when you return. The US will require a negative Covid-19 test taken within 24 hours of your departing flight regardless of vaccination status. Reportedly, antigen and PCR tests taken in Mexico will produce reliable results within 24 hours. We will arrange this with your program’s operator.

4. The CDC recommends all travelers be vaccinated and boosted before traveling to Mexico.

No one can possibly guarantee your safety with regard to Covid-19. Still, if you’re planning a trip with a lot of outdoor time like “Among the Great Whales” on the National Geographic Venture which will have you connecting with mother and baby gray whales in Baja California, Mexico, or if you’re enjoying a farm-to-table experience in the Sierra Madre mountains surrounding Oaxaca on our custom Immersive Oaxaca program, you’ll be visiting regions with low Covid numbers and lots of fresh air. Here are more fantastic Mexico options we’ve curated for our Wild Nectar Collection:

Whether you prefer high luxury or high adventure, we also have a fantastic land operator with a sustainability focus who can design your perfect custom solo, couples or family trip anywhere in Mexico. Is Mexico safe for families and solo travelers? It will be as long as you’re traveling with a reputable operator, and Wild Nectar will make certain that you are. Contact us today to start planning your trip.

Many of the trips above have January through March dates with availability or we can always design a custom trip for you.


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