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Safari Tent or Lodge: What’s Your Stay Style?

Whether your safari dream includes the classic khaki tents used by Meryl Streep and Robert Redford’s characters in the movie Out of Africa, or glamping options with full on tented bathrooms and suites, or even if your preference is more for solid walls and stunning lodges, the safaris we offer at Wild Nectar offer a range of accommodations with one sure to suit your cherished trip vision. This bucket list adventure to eastern or southern Africa is too important to risk an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Let us help you choose the style of lodgings you’ll be sure to love.


There’s definitely something romantic about sleeping under canvas in Africa. I’ll never forget waking in Amboseli National Park in Kenya to a cacophony of birdsong like nothing I had ever heard. I quickly pulled out my phone and started recording it. I was flabbergasted! Even though I was staying in a lovely tent at Tortilis Camp, I felt like I was out on the savanna witnessing the coming of the new day with the animals heading to the watering holes while a multitude of birds belted out their hundreds of individual tunes.

Choosing a tented camp doesn’t mean roughing it. Sure, some operators offer mobile, fairly basic tented camps put up just for tonight’s location, yet many tented camps are permanent structures complete with beautifully decorated seating areas and yes, giant bathrooms. Maybe the shower water comes from a tank, or maybe you need to zip open and roll up the canvas windows to let the breeze in through screens, yet that doesn’t change the fact that many of the tented camps we offer are absolutely stunning.

You can experience Tortilis Camp on The Grand Safari featured on our site. Lewa is another beautiful tented camp featured on this journey as is Bateleur Camp. The itinerary suggests Bateleur “is vintage safari through-and-through, and nothing short of time travel can replicate the experience you’ll have here. The style of the camp harkens back to the halcyon days of safari when well-heeled adventurers roamed the plains in search of big game with all the comforts of home carried by porters, from mahogany writing desks and beds to silver tea services.”


Some people just can’t imagine sleeping in tents. They prefer four solid walls and lots of privacy including soundproofing. If this is you, rest assured you will be able to enjoy some of the most spectacular lodging anywhere in the world overlooking the Okavango Delta, or the famous Victoria Falls, or even right out there in the middle of the east African bush.

Many safari lodges take their color palettes from the greens and browns of the landscape yet not all. Breathtaking interior design is part of the luxury African safari experience and you will be delighted by the amenities, expert services, over-the-top cuisine, and deeply luxurious surroundings offered basically in the middle of nowhere.

Travel & Leisure cites Gibb’s Farm as “The most unique lodge of any kind in East Africa” and you can stay here on The Great Migration in Style program. The Lion Sands River Lodge inside the Lion Sands Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa is #9 on Travel & Leisure’s top safari lodge list and you can experience it on our South Africa and Victoria Falls program.


Not sure if a luxury lodge or tented camp is in your budget? Or maybe you prefer roughing it on your way to climb Kilimanjaro? Our Tanzania Adventure: Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar program keeps it simple in the way of lodging while getting you successfully to your bucket list destinations, as will Kenya & Tanzania: Traveling Overland.

And if you don’t see a style of accommodation that fits your vision in this article, keep in mind we also have expedition ships traveling the east coast of Africa and riverboats exploring the lakes and rivers of this vast wilderness.

No matter what your travel style, we have an African safari that will make your dream come true. Contact us and we’ll show you small group journeys or design a custom safari for you today!


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